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Conducting an Equitable Search

The University of Michigan has published a Handbook for Faculty Searches and Hiring that contains detailed instructions on how to conduct an equitable search that enhances the diversity of the applicant pool and the possibility of hiring excellent diverse candidates. 

This handbook was developed in collaboration with the National Science Foundation ADVANCE Program and includes information such as:

  • initiating the search process and ensuring a broad candidate pool
  • creating the search committee
  • utilizing active recruiting practices during the search
  • conducting and documenting a fair selection process at each stage
  • organizing and managing interviews and campus visits

The handbook also includes sample template documents, such as the applicant and candidate evaluation tools. The applicant evaluation tool is designed for reviewing applicants’ files, and the candidate evaluation tool is intended for job candidate evaluations following the job talk. Both templates are provided with the expectation that departments will tailor them appropriately to meet individual needs.

Additionally, this article in The Chronicle of Higher Education discusses several strategies to ensure that the matrix used to evaluate candidates does not yield biased results when evaluating female candidates or candidates from underrepresented groups. Another article in the same series covers how to effectively read a candidate’s CV to improve the prospects of fairness and success in faculty searches.

Training Opportunities

Implicit Bias Materials

These videos produced by Google, explain unconscious bias:

Howard Ross, one of the world's thought leaders on identifying and addressing Unconscious Bias did a series of talks on this subject for various organizations, including Google:

Booklet/Tool Kits

An excellent resource to examine the research on implicit bias in academic searches is Reviewing Applicants: Research on Bias and Assumptions. This booklet was developed by the University of Wisconsin’s ADVANCE program