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Life/Work Balance

Our ability to thrive and succeed is linked to our overall well-being — a life of purpose, resilience, and engagement. The benefits permeate every aspect of our lives.

We're Committed To You

Mason strives to create an environment conducive to well-being by providing opportunities for all members to align their core values, strengths, meaning, and purpose in life. The well-being of our faculty is critical to our success as an institution and we have identified this as a goal in our 10-year strategic plan:

“Becoming a model well-being university is about using an integrated approach so that we may thrive together."

A major part of that goal is to ensure our faculty can sustain and integrate a healthy life/work balance. Mason has a variety of support and resource strategies to make that happen.

Mason faculty and staff take a walk across campus

Make "Who's Walking Wednesday" part of your monthly routine! Fresh air, friendly faces, and 30 minutes of walking. Click the image for more info.

Musical group performs on Mason's Fairfax Campus

The Andean group, Tinkuy: Music of the Eagle & the Condor, plays at Patriot Circle on the Fairfax Campus on Well-Being Day.

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