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Leadership Legacy reflection exercise

The Leadership Legacy Program provides opportunities for experienced faculty and staff to advance their understanding of leadership in a university setting.

Mason offers opportunities for faculty to participate in university policy and decision-making through shared governance.

The university believes faculty should have a hand in defining and presenting our philosophy and agenda, which helps Mason continue to raise the bar of excellence.

  • The Leadership Legacy Program provides formal coaching to selected faculty and staff to explore what leadership means in the context of a university setting, and how individuals can best meet challenges, manage change, and work effectively in a changing university environment.
  • The Faculty Senate is the principal faculty advisory body to the president and the administration. But it does more than help set academic policy; it debates major issues, generates proposals to improve the university's mission and welfare, and suggests policy changes.
  • To support faculty across different appointments, Mason created the Term Faculty Committee and the Adjunct Faculty Committee. These groups support the career development of faculty members who aren't on a tenure track, while also helping address university policy and development needs.
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