The Payroll Department tracks and processes many records. At the top of our priority lists: getting paid.

But they do a lot more than tally our time sheets and process our deposits.

Janet Walker and Kerry Ross
Janet Walker and Kerry Ross yarn bomb the statue of George Mason to encourage members of Mason Nation to think about their financial well-being. The Payroll Department offers a variety of resources, programs, and events to help you manage your money and plan for retirement.

Payroll makes tax payments, reconciles health care payments, and makes sure third-party vendors get paid. They also have to deal with some of the tougher parts of our financial lives: collecting and disbursing garnishments, tax liens, and child support orders.

The department deals with:

  • Payment schedules.
  • Tax withholding information.
  • W-2 statements.
  • Forms for direct deposit, leave pay, time sheets, and state-by-state tax withholding.
  • Guidance for time sheet completion during inclement weather.