Supporting Faculty During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Mason in spring

The Center for the Advancement for Well-being and Faculty Affairs & Development developed a collection of brief well-being activities you can use in your classroom with your students.

We call these re-wiring activities – rewiring your brain to optimize learning and engagement.

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The coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic has resulted in drastic changes to the way we live, relate, play, and work. Faculty not only have to deal with their own changing life/work circumstances, but also those impacting their families and children. 

In order to support the whole faculty member, Faculty Affairs and Development has compiled a collection of resources that aims to address a variety of areas where faculty may have experienced significant changes or challenges during the pandemic. If you would like resources that are not covered below, please reach out to Faculty Affairs at

Coffee, Connection and Community Well-being Circles (3Cs Well-being Circles)

Coffee, Connection, and Community Well-being Circle event series

The 3Cs event series aims to provide an informal space for Mason faculty to connect and discuss well-being topics, in an effort to address the isolation and challenges of the pandemic. Held monthly in spring 2021, 3Cs events are one-hour sessions via Zoom (Mason authentication required). The upcoming spring events are:

On March 25th, Kheia Hilton will discuss how unrealistic personal and social expectations impact our ability to just be human. She says “to be human is to be in connection, to have feelings, to feel a need to express those feelings, to get tired and to need a break, to be disappointed and heartbroken, to experience happiness and joy, and so on.” In this interactive session, Hilton will provide tools that empower us to embrace our full humanity with self-compassion.

Lastly, on April 12th the session will explore Impostor Syndrome and its impact on our ability to take ownership of our success. In this one hour interactive session, Dr. Daphne King, a faculty member at Mason’s Department of Social Work, will discuss the causes of impostor syndrome, how it affects us, and will share strategies on how we can mitigate its effect.

Mindful Mason Moments

Facilitated by Mason faculty, staff and students from the Fairfax, Arlington and Sci Tech campuses, these 20-30 min. daily mindfulness sessions are held at noon Monday - Friday via Zoom. Visit to join any session!

For more information on the mindfulness sessions, contact Millie Rivera, Director of Faculty Diversity, Inclusion and Well-Being, at or Katie Clare, University Life and Center for the Advancement of Well-Being at

Supporting Wellbeing and Teleworking


The Office of the Provost weekly newsletter features a well-being tip that addresses stress management, resilience, physical and emotional well-being, and/or mindfulness. Prior issues of the newsletter are available on the Provost website.


All Mason faculty, staff, and students have free online access to and NYT mobile apps. The New York Times has curated articles and newsletters with a wide variety of information, advice, and resources to support people through the pandemic. 

Supporting Children and Teens At Home

Educational Resources 

Recreational Resources