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George Mason University is an institutional member of the NCFDD, an organization devoted to professional development, training, and mentoring.

NCFDD provides resources, career advancement opportunities, and support designed to enhance faculty success. Specifically a community and peer network for underrepresented faculty in higher education, NCFDD is a valuable resource for all faculty, post-docs and graduate students.

NCFDD focuses on four key areas of faculty life to help you achieve professional and personal fulfillment:

  1. Strategic Planning for Your Goals: Increased confidence as a researcher and scholar
  2. Productivity in Research, Writing & More: Greater success with publications and securing external funding
  3. Healthy Professional Relationships & Networking: Healthier personal and professional relationships with colleagues
  4. Work-Life Balance: Increased job satisfaction and retention

Our institutional subscription offers a number of benefits. All faculty members, graduate students, and post-docs are strongly encouraged to join this community and take full advantage of the available programs and services, such as:

Faculty at Mason Say...

"This fall, I joined the 14-Day writing challenge through NCFDD. It is a great program: you get a group of folks to cheer on and to cheer you "report" in your goals, successes and challenges daily. It was a lot of fun, I managed to write every day. When it was over I was excited about how much I had accomplished."

Professor, College of Science

"NCFDD has been an invaluable resource to me as an early career faculty member of color. Having access to NCFDD webinars, networks, and resources has greatly enhanced my confidence as a scholar and will continue to prepare me for tenure and beyond. I wholeheartedly encourage other faculty of color to take advantage of this incredible resource."

Assistant Professor, College of Humanities and Social Sciences