Faculty Success

Faculty excellence is a major point of pride at Mason. Empowering our instructors, researchers, and leadership to reach their professional and organizational goals is a serious priority. Faculty Affairs and Development in the Office of the Provost offers Mason faculty a variety of resources and services for continuing education and development. Contact Faculty Affairs to learn more.

Faculty Governance

The Faculty Handbook is the policy document that outlines the conditions of fulltime instructional, research, and clinical faculty employment; the structures and processes through which the faculty participates in institutional decision-making and governance; and the academic policies of the university as established by its Board of Visitors. 

The Faculty Senate is the principle faculty advisory body to the president and administration but it does more than help set academic policy. The Senate also generates proposals to improve the university's mission and welfare and suggests policy changes.

Inclusion and Belonging

Faculty Affairs and Development commits to building an inclusive intellectual community and fostering an environment that supports equity, inclusion, belonging, and well-being for all our faculty, staff and students.

Professional Development and Success

Mason has programs created to support the professional development of all faculty and supports faculty of all appointment types, whether tenure-line, term or adjunct faculty.

Recognition and Well-being

At Mason, we embrace a holistic approach to well-being and aim to ensure all of our faculty, staff and students feel a sense of belonging and are recognized for the contributions they make to our community.

Faculty Professional Learning Communities 

The Faculty Professional Learning Communities are on hold temporarily but we hope to bring you more in the next academic year!