SCHEV Outstanding Faculty Awards

The Outstanding Faculty Award sponsored by the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia (SCHEV) recognizes and rewards excellence in teaching, research and scholarship, and public service among VA institutions and is the highest honor presented to college and university faculty in the state of Virginia.

Criteria for Outstanding Faculty Awards (OFAs)

Mason’s nominees must possess a record of superior accomplishment that reflects strongly the mission of our institution. This record of superior accomplishment must extend across all four areas of scholarly endeavor, as described by Ernest Boyer in Scholarship Reconsidered (1990). These areas include:

  • Teaching: Instruction, student development and learning, mentoring, etc.
  • Discovery: Scholarship, research, creative activities
  • Integration of Knowledge: Curricular development, placing one’s discipline into interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary contexts, relevant/meaningful connections between scholarship and teaching
  • Service: Application of knowledge and expertise in the broader contexts of institution, community/society, and professional service

A nominee’s record of accomplishment must demonstrate clear and compelling evidence of the nature of his/her: 1) involvement/participation; 2) effectiveness/success; 3) impact/achievement; and 4) recognition/acknowledgement in each of the four areas.

Mason typically submits between six and eight nominees for the OFA award, including one that recognizes an early-career “Rising Star.” Mason may only submit one “Rising Star” nominee. Nominees in this category cannot have more than six years of service as a FT faculty member and should be in at least their third year as a faculty member in Virginia.

If you know of a faculty member who should be considered, please write a brief letter explaining why the person is competitive for the Outstanding Faculty Award or the Rising Star Outstanding Faculty Award. Nominations can be sent to Faculty Awards.

The review team consists of faculty and administrative representatives, including prior SCHEV award winners. 

The SCHEV page provides more information about the Outstanding Faculty Awards and the guidelines for nomination packets. If you have questions, please contact Faculty Affairs and Development.

SCHEV Winners

  • 2024*: Evan Lowder, Assistant Professor of Criminology, Law and Society (CHSS)
  • 2023: Alessandra Luchini, Professor of Systems Biology (COS)
  • 2022: Amarda Shehu, Professor of Computer Science (VSE)
  • 2022*: Leah Adams, Assistant Professor of Psychology (CHSS)
  • 2021*: Andrew Peterson, Assistant Professor of Philosophy (CHSS) 
  • 2020: Cynthia Lum, Professor of Criminology, Law and Society (CHSS)
  • 2019: Jeff Offutt, Professor of Computer Science (VSE)
  • 2019*: Charlotte Gill, Associate Professor of Criminology, Law and Society (CHSS)
  • 2018: Frederic Bemak (retired), Professor of Graduate School of Education (CEHD)
  • 2017: Danny Menasce, Professor of Computer Science (VSE)
  • 2015: Paul D'Andrea (retired), Clarence J. Robinson Professor of Theater and English
  • 2015: Lance Liotta, Co-Director of Center for Applied Proteomics and Molecular Medicine
  • 2013: Rita Chi-Ying Chung (retired), Professor of Graduate School of Education (CEHD)
  • 2012: Giorgio Ascoli, Professor of Molecular Neuroscience (COS) & Director of Center for Neural Informatics, Structure, & Plasticity at the Krasnow Institute for Advanced Study
  • 2012: Robert Hazen (retired), Clarence J. Robinson Professor of Earth Sciences
  • 2011*: Eden King, Assistant Professor of Psychology (CHSS)
  • 2010: Margo Mastropieri (retired), Professor of Graduate School of Education (CEHD)
  • 2009**: Michael Behrmann (retired) Professor of Graduate School of Education College of Education and Human Development (CEHD) & Director of Kellar Institute for Human Disabilities
  • 2009: Raja Parasuraman (deceased), Professor of Psychology (CHSS)
  • 2007**: Priscilla Norton (retired), Professor of Graduate School of Education (CEHD)
  • 2005**: T. Mills Kelly, Professor of Global Affairs, History & Art History (CHSS)
  • 2004: John O'Connor (retired), Professor of New Century College (CHSS)
  • 2003: Peter Denning, Professor of Computer Science (VSE)
  • 1999: Roy Rosenzweig (deceased), Professor of History & Art History (CHSS)
  • 1998: Rita Ailinger (retired), Professor Emerita of Nursing (CHHS)
  • 1996: Jeanne Sorrell (retired), Professor Emerita of Nursing (CHHS)
  • 1995: Mary Silva (retired), Professor Emerita of Nursing (CHHS)
  • 1987: James Buchanan (deceased), Nobel Laureate and Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Economics (CHSS) & Advisory General of the Center for Study of Public Choice
  • 1987: Stephen Ruth, Professor of Public Policy (SCHAR) & Director of International Center for Applied Studies in Information Technology

*: Rising Star

**: Teaching with Technology