Teaching Resources

Mason’s faculty seek to foster transformational learning experiences for all students so that we can produce graduates of the highest caliber.

Mason’s #1 strategic plan goal, innovative learning, is to deliver a transformative Mason Learning Experience that is experiential, global, and technology-rich for all of our students; this is at the heart of our value of access to excellence. 

  • The Mason Impact prepares students to tackle significant global questions and challenges and offers students opportunities to explore research and creative activities, civic engagement, entrepreneurship, and global activities. Knowing what’s available will strengthen your ability to mentor students and connect them with meaningful experiences.
  • Office of Student Scholarship, Creative Activities, and Research (OSCAR): Providing funding opportunities for undergraduate students, faculty, and staff, OSCAR encourages and supports research collaboration, travel opportunities, and more for the Mason community. 
  • Global Education Office: Connecting students with the world is a priority for Mason. The Global Education Office faciliates the study abroad application and scholarship processes. 
  • Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Housed in the School of Business, CIE supports students across programs and schools at Mason in their entrepreneurial endeavors and interests. 
  • Office of Graduate Fellowships: Learn how to support your graduate students and help them receive competitive national fellowships. 

Stearns Center for Teaching and Learning

The Stearns Center provides comprehensive support for teaching and learning for all Mason faculty, instructors, and graduate students as they develop themselves fully as teachers, mentors, and colleagues. Whether you want to design digitally-enhanced, hybrid or face-to-face courses, or you seek to strengthen and refine your approaches to teaching and learning, the team at the Stearns Center can assist you. To stay current with news and updates, join the Stearns Center mailing list and follow them on Twitter

Enriching the Student Experience

Because learning is most effective when it is experiential and collaborative, the university is committed to creating innovative learning spaces. These environments encourage faculty to integrate active-learning strategies that promote:

  • Seamless interaction between faculty and students.
  • Flexible spaces to facilitate engagement, interaction, and problem-solving.
  • Technologically enhanced active-learning.
Dr. Padmanabhan "Padhu" Seshaiyer

Dr. Padmanabhan "Padhu" Seshaiyer is a tenured professor of Mathematical Sciences and an award-winning teacher and mentor.

Dr. Cynthia Lum

Dr. Cynthia Lum is a professor of Criminology, Law and Society, as well as director the Center for Evidence-Based Crime Policy. Dr. Lum won the SCHEV Outstanding Faculty Award in 2020. 


Stearns Center brochures and notepads

The Stearns Center offers a variety of professional development opportunities, including help with:

. Active learning strategies

. Creating inclusive classrooms

. Guiding students to support resources